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Shri Sai Shanti Charitable Trust's started Swami J.V. English Academy in the year 2010. Initially, there were only 7 students who were enrolled in nursery section. But with the. support of our parent, teachers, trusties & other Co-member of our school under the guidance. of our Sadguru Shri Janardan Swami, now we have Nursery to 6th standards here. Our aim is to take our school to 10th standard like our Marathi Medium.

We had opening of our new building on 16-06-2016 of Swami J.V. English Academy First Women Mayor' Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation Pravinaji Thakur madam Nagar Savak Vilas Bandu Chorge Sir, Pratibha Patil madam, Puttul Jha madam were also presence there as a guest. June 2016-17 is the month when school starts functioning.


Shri. Sai Janardhan Baba

Everyday in Early Morning While Childern Pray this it felts like we are in monastic communities or religious place. It was there the begining of teaching , learning and preaching although started with a small room but was blessed by saint Sai Baba and Guruvaraya . It Was in the time of year 1997 Now Today the School has reached its highest Point By the Blessing Of Sai Baba . We all know that Gods presence and blessing are always present when we do something or someones good but by the means of regularity we can get success in the particular work too. The best Example of this is Shree Sai ShantiDham vidyamandir's And J.V. English Medium's Teachers Staff. The Specialities Of This Staff is that all the work and forums are Co-ordinated by women we can see the all rounder and the selfless behaviour and nature only in women the first teacher for a child is his mother Due to this thinking and keeping in mind from principle to Peon as well as Security Guards are womens because of this many childerns enthusiastically come here to learn it is always a proud moment for us to say that Shree Sai Shanti Dham Vidyamandir's Marathi Medium Students Of Std 10th came up with 100 percent of thier result this all credit goes to our teaching staff the teacher living in peace and harmony share each other their exeperience and discuss about thier upcoming teaching methods we get love by spreading and giving love this idea starts by our headmistress Madhavi Vartak Madam she Lives by Co-harmony Sharing Love And working Co-ordinately miss Shubhangi Malvankar felts like they are bonded to each other and the handle their institution together Disclpline is one of the Most important thing of the school each and every student here follow the rules of disclipline they study during the study time and enjoy and play at their play time this is the reason that our students are always on the first rank in sports as well as they always bring up new challenges for themselves we feel proud about our headmistress miss Madhavi Vartak being awarded by global principal award of international institution N.G.O. six year more of our teachers are also accordingly awarded it is the part of discussion beacause although there are blessing of Baba but the fact that hardwork and regularity brings up success is thing we should respect in the end we kindly request the parents that they should give the best education to thier childerns keeping them away from todays meaningless environment and trying to give there the best teaching beacause today's Youths are tomorrows future world today if they don't get right education , if they don't get to learn the right meaning of life if they are not taught to fight against the evils, their life will become meaningless and it will slowly destroy them and you will become the reason of this.

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Shri. Kantibhai DambhavalaCo-Founders


Shri. Sharad Trivedi Co-Founders

Our Principal


Mrs. Madhavi V. Vartak Principal

Shri Sai Shanti Charitable Trust's started Swami J.V. English Academy in the year 2010.Being the Principal Of The School, is an Important yet Difficult Job…And that too, when that Institution is a School, makes it even more Difficult…School is an assembly of young, tender, naive minds gathering together from different backgrounds of the society…My first and foremost task as a Principal is to is to assemble all these minds into a common thread and mould them into their greatest possible outcomes...

School is the preparation of life. We understand this very well. And that is why, in every training Year, We inculcate and teach them about values useful in Life apart from educating them…’Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in World’s work and the power to appreciate life…’ With this ideology we mould our Children to the nicest of their abilities…









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